IPFW2 patch

Tofik Suleymanov tofik at oxygen.az
Tue May 24 09:22:47 PDT 2005

Andrey V. Elsukov wrote:

>Hello, Developers!
>Sorry, my english is bad. :(
>Patch to IPFW2 for adding restrictions of the traffic with use IPFW
>bytes counters.
>It include two parts:
>* First part is ipfw_bound.patch, this part add ipfw rule options "bound
>VALUE" and "check-bound NUM".
># ipfw add 100 allow ip from any to any bound 10K
># ipfw add 200 deny ip from any to any
>While bytes counter of rule 100 below 10 KBytes, it work.
># ipfw add 100 allow ip from A.B.C.D to any out xmit internet
>check-bound 200
># ipfw add 200 allow ip from any to A.B.C.D in recv internet bound 100M
># ipfw add 300 deny ip from any to any via internet
>While bytes counter of rule 200 below 100 MBytes, rules 100 and 200 work.
>NOTE: Check-bound option search rule NUM like "ipfw skipto", but if rule
>NUM not contain bound option, then match fail.
>Second part is bound_change.patch, this part add control call to ipfw
>for boundary value change without bytes counter reset.
># ipfw bound NUM [set N] change VALUE.
>For RELENG_5:
>For RELENG_5_4:
simple testing on RELENG_5_4 and RELENG_5 went fine.

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