Lifetime of FreeBSD branches

Mike Jakubik mikej at
Mon May 23 12:21:33 PDT 2005

Could someone point me to a resource that outlines the expected supported
lifetime of all the branches? Can't find anything concrete on the webpage.

I'm developing a product, which i hope will run on FreeBSD. However the
rapid development of 5, and now 6 arriving out in a few months has me
worried if FreeBSD will be the right choice short and long term. I have
even considered using 4.11 for its stability and speed on single processor
systems, but I'm worried that some ports/hw will not be supported.

The recent amount of problems with 5 has me a little discouraged too, and
even considering Linux as an alternative. Hopefully that wont be the case,
but a clear outline of whats to come would be very helpful in the decision


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