Recent 5.4-p1 upgrade issue (lib/

Jon Passki cykyc at
Mon May 23 10:24:17 PDT 2005


I performed an unsupported way of installing and am soliciting what
I could do next time to prevent installation blues.  I'm not
expecting assistance from the Project, just some love :)

I have a build host that created what I needed for the host being
upgraded.  Once it's more polished, I'll be happy to share my
steps, but relatively it went well.  When I attempted to update
/lib/, though, I hit a bump.

I `chflags noschg /lib/` and then used tar to extract the
exact file.  tar was able to unlink the file, and then choked. 
After some unrelated errors, I was in single user mode using
/rescue to save my rear end, which worked well enough.  Doing `ldd
/sbin/tar` hinted why it probably choked, since tar is dynamically
linked to /lib/

Here's what gets me: I was able to do a the supported upgrade
process in an unsupported manner (multiuser mode via ssh w/o a
shutdown inbetween, nor going into signle user mode) w/ no issues
on the build host.  What occurs in that process (make buildworld;
make buildkernel; make installkernel; mergemaster -p; make
installworld; mergemaster) where libc can be replaced (assuming it
uses install(1), which is also linked against libc) without
failure, but using tar causes it to fail?  Ideas?



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