can't assign requested address with ntpd on 5-STABLE

Andrew Gordon arg-bsd at
Mon May 23 07:03:05 PDT 2005

On Sun, 22 May 2005, Richard Coleman wrote:

> On 5-STABLE, when I try to start ntpd, I get the following error: bind()
> fd 7, family 28, port 123, addr fe80:1::2a0:c9ff:fec8:ea25,
> in6_is_addr_multicast=0 flags=0 fails: Can't assign requested address
> Anyone else seen this recently.

I've seen something similar with IPV4.  Problem here was that I had
multiple interfaces with the same address (an ethernet and some
point-to-point interfaces that shared the same near-end address).  ntpd
appears to enumerate the interfaces and tries to bind (by address) to all
of them, then fails because it's trying to bind the same thing twice.

This isn't directly the same as your problem, but might be similar?  Do
you have alias addresses or something that may give the same effect?

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