em and bge driver MPSAFE?

John-Mark Gurney gurney_j at resnet.uoregon.edu
Sat May 21 23:53:29 PDT 2005

Mipam wrote this message on Wed, May 11, 2005 at 16:39 +0200:
> Perhaps lame to ask,
> But are the em and bge driver MPSAFE?
> I couldn't find notes about being mpsafe in the man pages of these 
> drivers?

I was about to point you to:

But realized that you probably wanted status on 5.x, and not HEAD...

a quick look at the code shows that both em and bge are MPSAFE... I
can tell because of no references to Giant or GIANT, and that it using
XX_LOCK and has functions ending in _locked in them...

Maybe we need to expand the busdma project to include which driver
status for 5.x and HEAD?

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