drive failure during rebuild causes page fault

Søren Schmidt sos at
Sat May 21 15:45:14 PDT 2005

On 21/05/2005, at 1:10, Joe Rhett wrote:

> On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 08:21:13AM +0200, Søren Schmidt wrote:
>> On 19/05/2005, at 2.20, Joe Rhett wrote:
>>> Soren, I've just retested all of this with 5.4-REL and most of the
>>> problems
>>> listed here are solved.  The only problems appear to be related to
>>> these
>>> ghost arrays that appear when it finds a drive that was taken  
>>> offline
>>> earlier.  For example, pull a drive and then reboot the system.
>> This depends heavily on the metadata format used, some of them simply
>> doesn't have the info to avoid this and some just ignores the  
>> problem.
>         ..        ..
>> You need to overwrite the metadata (se above) which are located in
>> different places again depending on metadata format.
> So where is it located with the sil3114 controler?
> (same as 3112, but with 4 ports...)

Depends on what BIOS you have on there, several exists for the SiI  
chips, -current or mkIII would tell you which. Just null out the last  
63 sectors on the disks and you should be fine since all possible  
formats are in that range...

> Is there anything I can do with userland utilities?
>> ATA mkIII is exactly about getting ata-raid rewritten from the old
>> cruft that originally was written before even ATA-ng was done, so yes
>> I'd expect it to behave better but not necessarily solve all your
>> problems as some of them might be "features" of the metadata
> So what do I need to know to determine the problem?

The metadata format for one, thats the most important factor for  
getting this to work, but some of them has no generation or anything  
so its hard if not impossible to avoid this problem.

- Søren

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