Problems with portupgrade

Barry Pederson bp at
Sat May 21 12:47:31 PDT 2005

Jim C. Nasby wrote:
> I'm trying to upgrade spamassassin, but portupgrade is stubling on every
> dependant port. It appears it wants to re-install each port, which of
> course doesn't work. It generates the make deinstall first error
> message. portupgrade -m -DFORCE_PKG_REGISTER seems to have gotten around
> the problem, but I'm curious as to what's causing this. Anyone have any
> ideas?
> This is 4.11-RELEASE if that matters...

Did you perhaps upgrade your Perl earlier? so that perhaps the existing 
installed dependant ports are Perl packages for 5.6.1, but you now have 
5.6.2 and portupgrade thinks your dependant packages should be for that 
- but it can't install them because the older versions for 5.6.1 are in 


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