5.4-RC2 freezing - ATA related?

Peter Jeremy PeterJeremy at optushome.com.au
Tue May 17 13:40:38 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-May-17 09:58:33 -0500, Brent Casavant wrote:
>The only solution I found at that time was reverting to 4.10, though
>that is obviously suboptimal.  I could be persuaded to reinstall 5.x
>on the machine if I'd be sure to get someone to look into this.

It doesn't work that way.  You are going to need to provide much more
information and do some of the work yourself.  I'd suggest that you:
1) Install 5.4-RELEASE (or -STABLE), including a kernel built with
   debugging and DDB enabled (see my previous post and/or the handbook).
2) Confirm that the problem still exists for you.
3) Since you think it's the daily tasks, run "periodic daily" manually
   and try to provoke the problem.
4) Once you can provoke it, run the scripts in /etc/periodic/daily
   individually to identify which script is the problem.  Try to narrow
   it down to a single command within the script.
5) Once you can identify a command (or command sequence) that provokes'
   the problem, save a crashdump and send your dmesg, the sequence of
   commands you ran as well as the DDB output from "show lockedvnods"
   and "ps" to this list.  That's enough information for someone to
   make a start on investigating the problem.

If that's all too hard and you want a fix, see

Peter Jeremy

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