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Peter Jeremy PeterJeremy at
Tue May 17 12:45:52 PDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-May-17 22:19:05 +1000, Graham Menhennitt wrote:
>Yann Golanski wrote:
>>Is there a way to remove a package and the dependencies that only said
>>package uses?
>ports -> sysutils/pkg_rmleaves

That is an interactive script that lets you delete all packages that
aren't required by other packages.  You still need some way to work
out what dependencies were installed by the first package.

You could try looking at "pkg_deinstall -R" (part of portupgrade).

BTW, if you compiled the package, it could have installed build-time
dependencies that aren't recorded as requirements and I don't know
any easy way to find/delete them.

Peter Jeremy

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