Acroread 7 port broken?

Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at
Tue May 17 12:40:47 PDT 2005

ya hoo,

> It tells me that it is marked broekn.
> I assume it is broken,

A fair assumption in the circumstances.

> but does anyone know when it will be fixed?

Shortly after you install it, fix the packing list error, open a PR with
the patch and get the patch commited.

To help you get started, you can install with DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES to
get the files on the system and the app working (which it does), eg.

# portupgrade --new --recursive --sudo --verbose --make-args \
  DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes print/acroread7

You can now find all the files which were installed and compare them to the
packing list, eg.

# find /usr/local /compat/linux/usr/local -newer \

# pkg_info -L acroread7-7.0.0

Now you can fix the port by making a copy of the old one, fixing the
packaging list - see PLIST in Makefile and other ports' use of PFILES(+)=,

# cd /usr/ports/print
# tar -cf acroread7.tar acroread7
# mv acroread7 acroread7-7.0.0
# tar -xvf acroread7.tar
# cd acroread7
Fix Makefile (including removing BROKEN and adding PORTREVISION=1) and any
other files, test install, deinstall and run "portlint -A" and fix any
issues it gives
# make clean
# cd ..
# diff -ruN acroread7-7.0.0 acroread7 > acroread7-7.0.0,1.diff

Send the patch (acroread7-7.0.0,1.diff) with send-pr (or gtk-send-pr), to,
with or instead of the MAINTAINER (if he does not respond).


"FreeBSD Porter's Handbook" -
"Current FreeBSD problem reports" -
The CVS history of the port, which you should read before doing anything -

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