CUPDS reboot the whole system

Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at
Tue May 17 09:09:07 PDT 2005

Try this:
nohup /usr/local/sbin/cupsd & >/dev/null

The nohup cmd executes the parameter and it will be still running if You
log off. The & sign means that the command should run in the background,
and >/dev/null redirects the stdout of cupsd to dev/null. I often use
that way and it is fine for me.

Todor Dragnev wrote:

>Before a couple of days ago I started /usr/local/sbin/cupsd manualy from
>console. When I press CTRL+C to interrupt a program, the system change
>runlevel and going to reboot. This was on FreeBSD V5.3, today I
>installed fresh new 5.4 but the problem is the same.

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