Working Keyboard in 5.x

Abu Khaled khaled.abu at
Mon May 16 16:33:35 PDT 2005

On 5/17/05, Holtor <holtor at> wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone know how to make a PS/2 keyboard work when plugged into a
> system booted without a keyboard on FreeBSD 5.x? It doesn't seem to
> work.
> For example in 4.x the default GENERIC kernel line is:
> device          atkbd0  at atkbdc? irq 1 flags 0x1
> If you leave that line alone, the ps/2 keyboard will not work if a system
> booted without one plugged in. But if you remove the "flags 0x1" it will
> work fine.
> Does anyone know how to make the PS/2 work properly in 5.x?
> Thank you,
> Holt G.

check src/sys/conf/NOTES 
it explains the flags that can be set in /boot/device.hints
#man atkbd
check the file /boot/device.hints
eg. hint.atkbd.0.flags="0x01" # try changing and test flags

PS: Wait for others to reply to your post. I don't have much experince
in FreeBSD and so far some people in the list would love to kick my

Kind regards
Abu Khaled

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