Supermicro superserver 5013S-i

Doug White dwhite at
Sat May 14 19:49:14 PDT 2005

On Sat, 14 May 2005, Balgansuren.B wrote:

> Yesterday (13 May, 2005), I installed FreeBSD 5.4 Release on this
> server without problem. This morning (14 May, 2005) I did cvsup and now
> it is 5.4-STABLE.
> But I saw strange thing when I change settings on bios setup.


> May 14 10:41:41 altainet kernel: ACPI-0698: *** Warning: Type override
> - [DEB_] had invalid type (Integer) for Scope operator, changed to
> (Scope)

This is a bug in the ACPI DSDT table in the BIOS. If upgrading the BIOS
causes this then contact your systems vendor and complain since the prior
BIOS table did not have these errors. It obviously goes away when ACPI is
disabled since the table is not evaluated in that instance.

Its likely harmless.

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