Strange top(1) output

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Thu May 12 09:39:40 PDT 2005

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 >> Ah, yes!  Good thought.  This could affect the width of the USERNAME
 >> column and push everything too far to the right.  If this is the case,
 >> I'd probably vote for optionally limiting the length of the username
 >> column to, say, 8 columns at most.

 GA> I would also vote for limiting it to 8 characters.  Even with longer
 GA> usernames, I suspect 8 characters will be enough to identify particular
 GA> users (and if it's not there is always they UID view).

 GA> Doing this would also allow us to eliminate the nasty code in
 GA> src/usr.bin/top/machine.c which causes top to be unusable on a machine
 GA> with a significant number of user accounts.  See
 GA> l for details.

Another idea, may I?

Make USERNAME column 8-char's wide first, and expand it later whenever 
longer username needs to be displayed

- no built-in length limit
- no need to scan all usernames at start

Slawomir Piotrowski 

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