Strange top(1) output

Tuomo Latto djv at
Thu May 12 06:13:03 PDT 2005

Dominic Marks wrote:
>>This includes at least the following changes (some not visible):
>>  + The entire header line is limited to the window width too.
>>  + The USERNAME column is hard-limited to 8 characters.
> I suppose it could be argued that using usernames of that format is a poor 
> choice on my part, and if that is the consensus of opinion then I'll have to 
> look at fixing my own setup. I use long format usernames because it do not 
> wish to have to remember that rm5, rmoore (many other possible ways) is a 
> particular person.


> If this behaviour could be turned on and off, I'd be very happy.

How about making it a command line parameter? The field size, I mean.


... If it works, tear it apart and find out why!

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