Strange top(1) output

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Thu May 12 03:39:33 PDT 2005

On 2005-05-11 13:50, Gavin Atkinson <gavin.atkinson at> wrote:
>> Ah, yes!  Good thought.  This could affect the width of the USERNAME
>> column and push everything too far to the right.  If this is the case,
>> I'd probably vote for optionally limiting the length of the username
>> column to, say, 8 columns at most.
> I would also vote for limiting it to 8 characters.  Even with longer
> usernames, I suspect 8 characters will be enough to identify particular
> users (and if it's not there is always they UID view).

That's an option too.  I'm currently trying to get top to display
something like this (80 columns are used for text, so use a slightly
wider terminal to view this properly:

last pid: 11090;  load averages:  1.27,  1.26,  0.86    up 0+01:11:11  03:07:43|
71 processes:  3 running, 68 sleeping					       |
CPU states: 11.2% user,  0.0% nice, 77.1% system,  0.8% interrupt, 10.9% idle  |
Mem: 50M Active, 348M Inact, 70M Wired, 20M Cache, 60M Buf, 6340K Free	       |
Swap: 5000M Total, 5000M Free						       |
 4738 root      108    0  1360K   836K RUN      1:28 22.80% find/1             |
  638 giorgos    -8    0 13496K  4672K pcmwr    1:33  1.03% mpg123/1           |
11062 giorgos    96    0  2428K  1520K RUN      0:00  1.54% top/1              |

This includes at least the following changes (some not visible):

  + The entire header line is limited to the window width too.
  + The USERNAME column is hard-limited to 8 characters.
  + The THR column is displayed as /1 after the COMMAND, like the
    prstat(1M) command of recent Solaris versions.
  + The CPU/WCPU columns occupy the same space and can be toggled with
    the 'C' keyboard command.
  + When UID numbers are displayed, hitting 'u' will read a UID instead
    of a username.
  + When the view is toggled between processes/threads, the NTHR part
    becomes the thread ID of the particular thread.

Hopefully, I'll have these changes running on CURRENT before the weekend.

If no strong objections are voiced for any of these changes, I'll test
it on CURRENT for a while, then ask for approval of a commit to HEAD and
merge it to 5-STABLE after it's been tested enough on CURRENT.

- Giorgos

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