FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE is now available

Wilko Bulte wb at
Tue May 10 23:53:35 PDT 2005

On Mon, May 09, 2005 at 05:04:58PM -0400, Ken Smith wrote..
> The Release Engineering Team is happy to announce the availability
> of FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE, the latest release of the FreeBSD Stable
> development branch.  Since FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE in November 2004 we have
> made many improvements in functionality, stability, performance, and device
> driver support for some hardware, as well as dealt with known security issues
> and made many bugfixes.
> For a complete list of new features, known problems, and late-breaking
> news, please see the release notes and errata list, available here:
> FreeBSD 5.4 will become an "Errata Branch".  In addition to Security
> fixes other well-tested fixes to basic functionality will be committed
> to the RELENG_5.4 branch after the release.  Both Security Advisories
> and Errata Notices are announced on the freebsd-announce at
> mailing list.
> It is expected there will be at least one more release from the RELENG_5
> branch, most likely two.  The current plans are for the RELENG_6 branch
> to be created within the next few months, and an initial 6.0-RELEASE will
> be made a few months afterwards.  There will be a 5.5-RELEASE following
> a few months after the 6.0-RELEASE.
> For more information about FreeBSD release engineering activities,
> please see:
> Dedication
> ----------
> The FreeBSD 5.4 Release is dedicated to the memory of Cameron Grant.
> Cameron was an active FreeBSD Developer and principal architect of the
> sound driver subsystem despite his physical handicap.  His is a superb
> example of human spirit dominating over adversity.  Cameron was an
> inspiration to those who met him; he will be fondly remembered and sorely
> missed.
> Availability
> ------------
> FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE supports the i386, amd64, ia64, pc98, sparc64, and
> alpha architectures and can be installed directly over the net, using
> bootable media, or copied to a local NFS/FTP server.  Distributions for
> all architectures except alpha are available now.  The distribution for
> alpha should become available within the next day or two.

Alpha is now also available.

> CD Image Checksums
> ------------------

MD5 (5.4-RELEASE-alpha-bootonly.iso) = f9c54aa9fb1ca861f3d343bb3b8378b9
MD5 (5.4-RELEASE-alpha-disc1.iso) = 18294d25be50b06bdd645c5800bd4e94
MD5 (5.4-RELEASE-alpha-disc2.iso) = 2d6a4ebfbdaa34f80a1457dc0041e946


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