xl(4) & polling

Subhro subhro.kar at gmail.com
Tue May 10 23:38:43 PDT 2005

On 5/11/2005 11:14, Rob wrote:

>>When I have to put up a new FreeBSD box, I start
>>from 100 and start beefing up the number until I
>>find a good balance.
>Hmmm, how do you "find a good balance" ?
>Network access speed vs. lost connections.....?
Yes. The access times during the top load period and the average load 
period helps me to decide the "ideal value". Also its worthwhile to 
adjust the values:

sysctl -a | grep nmbcluster

They determine the number of buffers available for storing network 

>Interestingly: HZ=1000 is apparently a problem with
>the xl devices (3Com 3c905B-TX), but not with the
>rl devices (RealTek 8139).
>What could cause that difference? Could a difference
>in buffer size on the LAN card cause this?
Highly possible. But it also depends on the sysctl values I mentioned 


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