xl(4) & polling

Rob spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Tue May 10 22:10:17 PDT 2005

--- Subhro <subhro.kar at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 5/11/2005 8:04, Rob wrote:
> >All computers are running 5-Stable, as of May 10.
> >All, but PC1 with fxp, use polling, with:
> >   options DEVICE_POLLING
> >   options HZ=1000
> 1000 IMHO seems a bit too heavy. Try something
> lower.

What is heavy and what is not?
Does 100 sound better?

How can I develop a feeling for the 'heaviness' of
this HZ number? Is it related to the CPU speed?

Thanks for clarifying!


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