Creating a mini install disk, for particular needs

Chris Phillips SysAdmin at
Tue May 10 16:56:13 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is OK posting here, but I'm sure that you'll 
correct me if I've been imprudent.

I am trying to find a suitable alternative to our crappy, solid-state, 
thin client boxes (because they are so awfully unreliable & the 
manufacturer has also gone down the tubes).

We need a fairly painless way, to roll out a fresh install onto some 
random i386 hardware we have lying around (there's a plentiful supply), 
for any new users, who require a basic functioning GUI, with access to 
graphical email client, web browser & 'rdesktop' (for the windows 
applications, that they are all hooked on).

What I'd love to be able to do, is to create a FreeBSD (it's my 
favorite) CD, that contains all that I need for these basic systems. 
Either, set up so that the install is automated, with just the minimal 
of setup, or so that it's got all the packages that I want & can all be 
installed straight off the CD (perhaps by choosing the "All Packages" 

Is what I've described actually possible?

Would anyone be willing or able, to guide me toward a good resource that 
I can get reading?

It would be very cool, if I could do this for our company.  More bums on 
seats, for FreeBSD :)

I eagerly look forward to any responses, thank you.

Kind Regards,

Chris Phillips

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