sysinstall new disc layout in 5.4 RELEASE

bazzoola bazzoola at
Tue May 10 11:58:05 PDT 2005

Jose M Rodriguez wrote:

>El Martes, 10 de Mayo de 2005 18:15, Freddie Cash escribió:
>>On May 10, 2005 02:35 am, bazzoola wrote:
>>>First, thanks for all the people who took the time and effort to
>>>make this happen :)
>>>I just finished downloading the images thru torrents. I burned both
>>>i386 disc one and two then installed 5.4. Everything worked fine as
>>CD1 is the installation CD.  This includes about 400 MB of
>>pre-compiled packages that can be installed.
>>CD2 is a LiveCD mainly meant for rescue situations via sysinstall's
>>"Fixit" feature.
>Not Any more.  Now Install/LiveCD/Rescue is done by disc1, which include 
>also the packages needed by sysinstall.
>disc2 is a collection of aditional packages that, at last in the i386 
>case, include the full gnome/kde ports (Not lite).
>  josemi
I know I do not have any problems with the new disc layout. All I am 
saying was:
1- I installed the FreeBSD 5.4 i386 on the system without any problems.
2- After I finished installing. I decided to install other packages so I 
ran sysinstall
3- when I ran sysinstall disc2 was inserted (it was just there)
4- I chose the new packages to install like expat, apache, portupgrade, 
portsnap, etc.
5- sysinstall installed the packages from disc2 then showed a msg that 
expat is located on disc1 and requested disc1
6- I inserted disc1 to fulfill the request and it installed the packages.
7- an error msg showed up saying that apache cannot be found on the 
media and it failed to install.

I know that apache is on disc2. All I was saying that sysinstall should 
have asked for disc2 to be inserted like it did for disc1.
All I did to fix this (obviously) I ran sysinstall again with disc2 
inserted and it installed it.
So, should this be considered a bug in sysinstall because it didnt ask 
for the disc even tho it should have known that it is located on disc2.


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