State of gvinum RELENG_5 or RELENG_5_4 ?!

secmgr security at
Tue May 10 07:18:29 PDT 2005

Edwin Brown wrote:

>I've been asked to setup a RAID-5 server using software raid. I've not
>worked with gvinum or vinum for that matter. I know from following the
>mailing lists there have been some concerns over gvinum in the
>5.3-RELEASE. How are things working today?
>The plan would be use a 40GB ATA/100 Drive for the system and 4 SATA
>drives for the RAID-5 array. Will gvinum be happy with this kind of
Well, you want to stay away from vinum in 5.x.  Under 5.3 gvinum and 
raid 5 was not robust, and I could kill a system and corrupt the array 
by pulling a drive.  I haven't tried lately, but i'd definitly want to 
do some serious testing before putting that into production.  If you 
really need raid 5, I'd look into a H/W based solution.

and yes, I filed PR's that so far have not been answered.


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