FreeBSD and HP nx9105

Friedrich Dominicus frido at
Tue May 10 06:27:12 PDT 2005

I have read the reports other have send. Just did not have found a way
to solve the problem that FreeBSD shut ofs the computer during boot.

I tried to switch to the console and typed
disable-module /boot/kernel/acpi.ko

but while booting one sees that this module is still loaded. 

I checked the BIOS and well you might believe it or not, there's not
option to switch of acpi, in fact you can not really do anything
useful with BIOS setting me seems.

I then tried to do the following 

but again acpi is tried to get loaded. 

I found that one has to put some extra line in device.hints. Just that
does not work if you just have a CD. 

So what can I and probably other do to simply deactivate the ACPI


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