nfs bug & df: Can I lock up my kernel and overflow this buffer?

Jonathan Noack noackjr at
Mon May 9 21:41:29 PDT 2005

On 05/09/05 23:14, Billy Newsom wrote:
> <snip>
> Details:
> * FreeBSD 5.3.  Updated and compiled in mid-February.  I froze it there 
> and may soon upgrade to 5.4, but I don't count on this fixing this issue.
> * I needed to make sure I had an nfs drive mounted properly, even after 
> a reboot, but didn't want to (couldn't?) put it in fstab.  So cron has 
> this particular line(s).
> 44 10 * * * /sbin/mount_nfs -s -x 2 -T dell:/nfs /dellbak

 From the fstab(5) man page:
"The fourth field, (fs_mntops), describes the mount options associated 
with the file system.  It is formatted as a comma separated list of 
options.  It contains at least the type of mount (see fs_type below) 
plus any additional options appropriate to the file system type.  See 
the options flag (-o) in the mount(8) page and the file system specific 
page, such as mount_nfs(8), for additional options that may be specified."

What trouble did you have with fstab?  You can specify as many options 
as you want as long as you separate them with commas (I think putting a 
'=' between an option and its value is also necessary, although I don't 
know for sure).  For you it should look like this (assuming you want 

dell:/nfs  /dellbak  nfs  rw,-s,-x=2,-T  0  0

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