Use PCMCIA instead of CardBus?

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Mon May 9 07:43:25 PDT 2005

I have an older laptop (AMS TravelTech w/ K6-3+/333) and a Microsoft MN-520 
WLAN adapter.  I want to put FreeBSD on it, but I'm having a lot of trouble 
with the card not being recognized after the infamous errors:

    CIS is too long -- truncating
    pccard0: Card has no functions!
    cbb0: PC Card card activation failed

The same setup can boot NetBSD and Linux to get full use of the card by 
disabling the Cardbus drivers in favor of the PCMCIA ones (ie, by running 
"config" on NetBSD and typing "disable cbb", or by building a custom Linux 
kernel with the appropriate settings).  I can't seem to get the same 
results from FreeBSD, though.  Any suggestions?
Kirk Strauser
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