half-dead 5.[34]

jcr jcr at canuck.co.uk
Sat May 7 13:25:00 PDT 2005

>Weird thing happened this morning though, suddenly the box seemed half-dead.
>I didn't touch it, someone else noticed because they weren't able to ssh in.
>TCP connection established, but no auth phase.
>I also noticed in my active ssh sessions, that things were "dead", in the
>sense that when on the shell prompt, pressing ENTER only gave me a new,
>blank line. Logging in via serial console didn't work either, put in
>username and press ENTER and nothing happened.
This may be unrelated, but I had almost exactly these symptoms on April 
1st with RELENG_5_3 built from March 25th cvsup.  SSH connection got a 
bit further.  prompted on remote system with correct key fingerprint, 
but got no further.  Same scroll-only behavior on console, I could still 
change vtys, but each had the problem. No response to ctl-alt-del, so 
pulled plug.  No jails or unionfs, running Apache1.3, mysql4.1, PHP 4 
and Zend ZDE server 4.  msi km4m-v, 256 ddr333, AthlonXP1800+.  Last 
thing in syslog was making xpdf from ports.  I put it down at the time 
to having earlier tried to launch openoffice installer from the machine 
over ssh-tunneld-X, which never come up.  Figured it had quietly eaten 
all the mem or such.  Hasn't recurred, box is otherwise absolutely stable.


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