kernel panics in recent RELENG_5

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Fri May 6 09:20:18 PDT 2005

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On Fri, May 06, 2005 at 05:05:47PM +0200, Alexander S. Usov wrote:
> Thomas-Martin Seck wrote:
> > * Alexander S. Usov <A.S.Usov at>:
> > 
> >> It look that something was broken in the last few days in
> >> RELENG_5 branch. I am getting reproducible panics by pressing
> >> almost any key while system is booting or is in shutdown.
> >> Once it is up -- it works mostly fine.
> >> Also I noted that the keyboard was not working on my laptop
> >> while in the booting phase -- so after I managed to get a second
> >> panic doing fsck, I was unable to do anything in single-user mode.
> >> The only working keys I found were ScrollLock/Pause and
> >> Ctrl-Alt-Del :) Howewer rebooting it with acpi turned off I managed
> >> to get it working.

I can confirm this part.  A moderately vanilla Gateway machine, when
upgraded this morning, would not respond in single user mode.  It did
respond to ctl+alt+del, I rebooted into normal mode to finish with
installworld and mergemaster.  I tried again rebooting into single user
mode with the same result, no keyboard response save for ctl+alt+del.

(No RAID, no SCSI, just a workstation.  I can post my kernel config if
it will help, but the only things that are even a bit out of the
ordinary are that I have SCHED_ULE and PREEMPTION.)

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