kernel panics in recent RELENG_5

Alexander S. Usov A.S.Usov at
Fri May 6 06:17:42 PDT 2005

It look that something was broken in the last few days in
RELENG_5 branch. I am getting reproducible panics by pressing
almost any key while system is booting or is in shutdown.
Once it is up -- it works mostly fine.
Also I noted that the keyboard was not working on my laptop
while in the booting phase -- so after I managed to get a second
panic doing fsck, I was unable to do anything in single-user mode.
The only working keys I found were ScrollLock/Pause and
Ctrl-Alt-Del :) Howewer rebooting it with acpi turned off I managed
to get it working.
The overall impression is that something is wrong with syscons, so
it causes system panics when key is pressed and nobody listens to
the terminal.

I am trying to check if this issue is present in RELENG_5_4, and
could also try to get crash dump if somebody is interested in digging

BTW, did somebody else had problems with ehci?
I had a problems with processes trying to read/write msdos/ext2fs
partitions from usb2 drive getting stuck in wdrain (if I didn't 
mispell it) state. However I am not absolutely sure here, and want
to do some more testing. I suspect that the usb2ide bridge I have
is somewhat too cheap and buggy, as I also saw similar kind of
problems with windows (the lamp on the drive constantly lights,
and after some time windows disconnects it), but freebsd seemed
to trigger this problem very efficiently.

Best regards,

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