calling fpa and fea users

Brooks Davis brooks at
Wed May 4 22:31:13 PDT 2005

I'm writing this message to attempt to determine if anyone is actually
using either of these drivers.  Please write if you are both:
 - Using these drivers to connect to a real, production FDDI network
 - Are running FreeBSD 5.3+ or will be in the near future
Please DO NOT write if:
 - Your production system will never be upgraded
 - Your network is a toy (with possible exception of real museums)

Every time I look at these drivers, their massive collection of
"portability" ifdefs makes it quite difficult to decipher the code.
Virtually all changes to these drivers in the last eight years have
been mechanical API updates.  During this time, FDDI has become totally
obsolete.  Unless someone is running these drivers for real on a modern
version of FreeBSD I would like to remove them from 6.0 and stop wasting
my time on them.

-- Brooks

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