MFC pxe fixes

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Wed May 4 01:31:27 PDT 2005

El Miércoles, 4 de Mayo de 2005 09:36, Danny Braniss escribió:
> sorry if this looks like im highjacking hte thread, but i've
> submitted a PR
> which among other things, places ALL the dhcp variables in the
> environment.
> danny

I can't see how this will be on FreeBSD-5.4 or -stable.

If you're interested on this, open a thread on current.

This is about making pxeboot compiled with LOADER_TFTP_SUPPORT defined 
works as documented.

Also, point that your workplan makes a second bootp transaction needed.

Try make the bootp/dhcp packet parser independent of bootp.c (At last, 
exportable), so we can parse the 'bootplayer' binary packet pxe 
allready have.

ALso, I'm not sure we can redefine CLASSID without breaking PXE (not 
dhcp) compatibility.

Remember that the PXE bios has allready do the bootp/dhcp transaction 
for us, and the correct path is only parse the 'bootplayer' (really a 
bootp/dhcp packet in binary form) than we get from the bios.



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