Danny Braniss danny at
Tue May 3 04:00:06 PDT 2005

> In message <E1DSW4c-00041V-Ll at>, Danny Braniss writes:
> >
> >after doing a mount_nfs as root (from the console or via su), statfs reports
> >that MNT_USER flags is set! this is also true with 5.4.
> It's a bug in the statfs reporting for NFS filesystems. It should
> be fixed now in -CURRENT (revision 1.174 of sys/nfsclient/nfs_vfsops.c).
> I'll merge this to -STABLE in a week or so.
> Ian
good, it did indeed fix the problem, and also a previous one that turned
on the MNT_NOEXEC.

BTW, this, the MNT_NOEXEC, uncovered, IMHO, a bug in libexec/rtld-elf/rtld.c
where it's now checking for MNT_NOEXEC, but only if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set!


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