FreeBSD 5.3p6-5.4RC3, Supermicro X6DHR-8G,Dual3.6GHzXeons,Adaptec aic7902 SCSI interface doesn't work in UP kernel

Danny Howard dannyman at
Mon May 2 14:07:49 PDT 2005

Guy Helmer wrote:

> These new Supermicro X6DHR-8G 800MHz FSB systems seem to be working OK 
> (even under load) when running a kernel with SMP enabled.  I offered 
> my configuration in case jhb or someone else would be interested in 
> what seems to be an interrupt routing problem.


I LOVE YOU, dude!  I had ... well, let us just say, some frustration with a new system with this mobo until I read your post that the SMP kernel works.

Which is funny, because SMP is turned off, by default, because of some stability issues on one-proc hyperthreaded machines!  On the other hand, the non-SMP craps itself spectacularly on at least one multi-proc machine!?

I just wish I had read your post last week, and not started with such silliness on a Monday. :)

Thanks a bunch, to all who have puzzled over these things before me!



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