gvinum: All subdisks marked stale after a reboot

Jason Andresen jandrese at mitre.org
Mon May 2 11:11:24 PDT 2005

Hello, I've run into a problem while trying to migrate and old vinum 
array to gvinum (via blowing away all vinum info and rebuilding it in 

The array builds ok, but when I reboot every subdisk is marked stale and 
the plex is marked down. 

What am I doing wrong here?  More importantly, what info would I need to 
provide to help debug this problem?

Here's the array:
10 drives:
D media1                State: up       /dev/ad4s1      A: 1843/78159 MB 
D media2                State: up       /dev/ad6s1      A: 0/76316 MB (0%)
D media3                State: up       /dev/ad8s1      A: 0/76316 MB (0%)
D media4                State: up       /dev/ad10s1     A: 0/76316 MB (0%)
D media5                State: up       /dev/ad12s1     A: 0/76316 MB (0%)
D media6                State: up       /dev/ad14s1     A: 0/76316 MB (0%)
D media7                State: up       /dev/ad16s1     A: 0/76316 MB (0%)
D media8                State: up       /dev/ad18s1     A: 0/76316 MB (0%)
D media9                State: up       /dev/ad20s1     A: 0/76316 MB (0%)
D mediaa                State: up       /dev/ad22s1     A: 0/76316 MB (0%)

1 volume:
V media                 State: down     Plexes:       1 Size:        670 GB

1 plex:
P media.p0           R5 State: down     Subdisks:    10 Size:        670 GB

10 subdisks:
S media.p0.s0           State: stale    D: media1       Size:         74 GB
S media.p0.s1           State: stale    D: media2       Size:         74 GB
S media.p0.s2           State: stale    D: media3       Size:         74 GB
S media.p0.s3           State: stale    D: media4       Size:         74 GB
S media.p0.s4           State: stale    D: media5       Size:         74 GB
S media.p0.s5           State: stale    D: media6       Size:         74 GB
S media.p0.s6           State: stale    D: media7       Size:         74 GB
S media.p0.s7           State: stale    D: media8       Size:         74 GB
S media.p0.s8           State: stale    D: media9       Size:         74 GB
S media.p0.s9           State: stale    D: mediaa       Size:         74 GB

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