crash on forwarding ipv6 packets with ipfilter

StanisławHalik stahoo at
Sun May 1 23:02:54 PDT 2005


I got a strange crash which is was happening all along from 5.3. I
wasn't mentioning it, because there was 'ipfilter mpsafe fixes' position in
5.4 todo list, but it looks that crash is happening no matter these fixes
are on or not.

To help with freebsd sourcerouting problems (different default gateways for
different interfaces), I tried forwarding ipv6 packets to correct gateway:

weirdo:~$ cat /etc/ipf.rules 
pass out quick on gif0 to gif1:3ffe:80ef:900:1::1 from 3ffe:80ee:2479::/48 to any

I also added routes like `route add gif1:3ffe:80ef:900:1::1 -iface gif1', of

And here's the crash:

I'm using dhcp client to obtain my ipv4 address, which changes over time;
when interface is down and there are forwarded packets passing by, system
will hang. I'm using x11, symptoms are: stopped mouse cursor and music
stopped playing (;->).

To reproduce this, simply add a forward rule for ipv6 packets and
/etc/rc.d/dhclient stop, or `DOWN' interface in some other way (alhrough i'm
no ifconfig expert).

I would be very grateful if you would help me this problem, as I'd like to
be able to have multiple default gateways for ipv6 tunnels.


Stanislaw Halik ::

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