Problems with AMD64 and 8 GB RAM?

Vivek Khera vivek at
Thu Mar 31 12:36:04 PST 2005

On Mar 31, 2005, at 3:08 PM, Alan Jay wrote:

> We did some tests with the latest 5.3-STABLE / 5.4-PRERELEASE and 
> still found
> the same issues when using a mySQL database heavily hit over the 
> Ethernet
> controller.  Our final tests limited the memory on boot-up to 4Gb and 
> the bug
> is still there so we think it may well be some interaction with the 
> Ethernet
> controller.  The motherboard we have has a BroadcomBCM5704C 
> 10/100/1000 based
> card on board.

I have seen similar with Postgres 8.0 database.  Occasionally I'll see 
a bge0 timout + reset error logged, but many times I'll just see a 
"socket closed unexpectedly" type of message from postgres.  So far, 
every 5 days or so, the machine freezes during heavy DB reporting over 
the net.  I have a S2881 mobo, though, with 4GB.

I had another identical machine which was reporting in the BIOS that 
the memory size changed during normal operations, which was very 

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