Adaptec 3210S, 4.9-STABLE, corruption when disk fails

Don Bowman don at
Thu Mar 31 11:11:16 PST 2005

From: owner-freebsd-stable at 
> From: Uwe Doering [mailto:gemini at]  ...
> > > 
> > > Did you merge as well?  This actually should have
> > been one MFC
> Yes, merged from RELENG_4.
> I will post later if this happens again, but it will be quite
> a long time. The machine has 7 drives in it, there are only
> 3 ones left old enough they might fail before I take it out
> of service (it originally had 7 1999-era IBM drives, now
> it has 4 2004-era seagate drives and 3 of the old IBM's.
> The drives have been in continuous service, so they've lead
> a pretty good life!)
> Thanks for the suggestion on the cam timeout, I've set that
> value.

Another drive failed and the same thing happened.
After the failure, the raid worked in degrade mode just
fine, but many files had been corrupted during the failure.

So I would suggest that this merge did not help, and the
cam timeout did not help either.

This is very frustrating, again I rebuild my postgresql install
from backup :(


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