FreeBSD 5.3 SMP freezes with MySQL 4.1

Young Lee ncisoft at
Thu Mar 31 07:50:04 PST 2005

Thank you very much. My server's uptime last two days by refer to 
Klein's configuration, it's impactful, thanks to Klein. 

My concern of stablility is focus on mysql's build options as
BUILD_STATIC & BUILD_OPTIMIZED, but it looks like ridiculous
without any logicality, build_static should have not any different
between dynamatic lib. I will do some testing after the current
configuration to be proven by uptime over one week, and try to
find out how to repeat the panic.

Young Lee

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 23:18:56 +1000
Michael Vince <mv at> wrote:
> I am running 1 mildly busy new MySQL server thats running fine on5.3-RELEASE-p5 #5: Sat Jan 22 04:54:07 EST 2005 from the generic confkernel
> Its a Dell 1850 Dual P4 Xeon CPU 3.00GHz EMT64 with HTT enabled
> FYI I actually have a Dell 2650 thats not doing anything at the momentbecause it had sluggish performance when I started  to put some seriousburden on it.
> I recently updated to the latest MySQL to 4.1.10a from 4.1.5 with usingthis set of settings (I hate using ports manually)
> portupgrade -Rfri  -m 'BUILD_OPTIMIZED=yes BUILD_STATIC=yes'/var/db/pkg/mysql-server-4.1*
> I copied the default large.cnf file to /var/db/mysql/my.cnf for betterperformance but thats about it, I am still evaluating MySQL performance.
> To give you a remote idea how busy this MySQL server is, here aresome bits running "mysqladmin extended-status" 
> | Bytes_received           | 49227436   |
> | Bytes_sent               | 71933703   |
> | Threads_connected        | 25         |
> | Threads_created          | 42         |
> | Uptime                   | 101775     |
> According to MySQL manual Threads_created gives an idea of the load onthe MySQL server.
> phpMyAdmin lists MySQL status in a much nicer way
> This MySQL server has been running for 1 days, 4 hours, 38 minutes and28 seconds.
> Query statistics: Since its startup, 335,544 queries have beensent to the server.
>    Total   &oslash; per hour   &oslash; per minute   &oslash; per second  
>    335,544 	  11,715.47 	  195.26 	  3.25 	 
>    select 	  204,621 	  7,144.31 	  61.04 % 	 
>    insert 	  29,149 	  1,017.73 	  8.70 % 	 
>      show keys 	  85,395 	  2,981.55 	  25.48 % 	 
> This server is doing more things then I originally planned it to do,its also running a Postgres 7.4 server that has over 500megs of dataand almost constant 100% usage of disk IO according to top via "m", Ihave statistics enabled on postgres but no way to show some simplesummaries.
> I run Apache2 in prefork mode and currently has around 350 averageapache daemons
> ps -auxww | grep -c httpd
> 356
> Its doing over 1 million dynamic page loads a day (some page loadsdon't use database)
> This server also is running 12 separate Java processes each at around200megs of size.
> Since cvsuping to the latest 5_3 for release security patches andcritical updates the server is been perfectly stable, before that I didhave kernel panic reboot problems that I believe were caused be massivethread usage from the java processes. 
> Although I have rebooted just a little while ago the servers uptime iscurrently 33days.
> With your server how have you been updating your server to 5.3-P5release? Its possible you have a similar problem.
> I am emailing this in HTML format in the hope the tables come out morenicely.
> Regards,
> Mike
> Young Lee wrote:	 I have try your solution yesterday, so far it is stable, and willobserve the stability for some days. btw, i turn "debug.mpsafenet=0" in /boot/loader.conf to evade the possible network stack deadlock under SMP. 

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