buggy ATA controller: I can install 4.11, but not 5.3 !?!

Rob spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 17:18:08 PST 2005

Rob wrote:
> I have already put this machine under moderate load
> and recompiled/installed a new world/kernel without
> any problems. Apparently 4.11 knows how to bypass
> the flaws of this buggy ATA controller. At least
> that's my impression.
> Would 5.3 or 5.4 do this as-good here?

Googling on this topic, I found info on a Linux
kernel configuration site:

 The PC-Technologies RZ1000 chip is used on many
 common 486 and Pentium motherboards, usually along
 with the "Neptune" chipset.
 Unfortunately, it has a rather nasty design flaw
 that can cause severe data corruption under many
 conditions. Say Y here to include code which
 automatically detects and corrects the problem
 under Linux.  This may slow disk throughput by a
 few percent, but at least things will operate 100%
 reliably. If unsure, say Y.

I wonder whether FreeBSD (at least 4.X) uses the same
strategy to bypass the RZ1000 trouble on my PC.


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