boot0: To beep or not to beep?

Ulrich Spoerlein q at
Wed Mar 30 07:00:35 PST 2005


long story short:

boot0cfg -B ad0                 -> No beeping on boot
boot0cfg -B -o noupdate ad0     -> Annoying beep.

I really don't know any assembler, but reading
/sys/boot/i386/boot0/boot0.S leads me to believe that there should be a
beep on every boot. However, I certainly don't want any beeps from
boot0, can I comment out the first two lines of main.10?

 * Start of input loop.  Beep and take note of time
main.10:        movb $ASCII_BEL,%al             # Signal
                callw putchr                    #  beep!
                xorb %ah,%ah                    # BIOS: Get
                int $0x1a                       #  system time
                movw %dx,%di                    # Ticks when
                addw _TICKS(%bp),%di            #  timeout
 * Busy loop, looking for keystrokes but keeping one eye on the time.
#ifndef SIO
                movb $0x1,%ah                   # BIOS: Check
                int $0x16                       #  for keypress
                jnz main.11                     # Have one
#else /* SIO */
                movb $0x03,%ah                  # BIOS: Read COM
                call bioscom
                testb $0x01,%ah                 # Check line status
                jnz main.11                     # (bit 1 indicates input)
#endif /* SIO */
                xorb %ah,%ah                    # BIOS: Get
                int $0x1a                       #  system time
                cmpw %di,%dx                    # Timeout?
                jb main.8                       # No

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