installing FreeBSD on partition of a SATA Intel 865 raid0 volume

Saulius Menkevicius bob at
Tue Mar 29 11:50:38 PST 2005

Doug White wrote:

>On Fri, 25 Mar 2005, James Wood wrote:
>>How do you setup FreeBSD on a partition of a raid0 volume? I downloaded
>>FreeBSD 5.3, then made a 60 GB partition in my raid volume, and then went to
>>boot from the CD. It did not see any raid volumes, it just sees two HDs.
>FreeBSD does not recognize the Adaptec HostRAID metadata so you will not
>be able to use RAID volumes configured with the HostRAID BIOS. You can use
>atacontrol to create FreeBSD software RAIDs, however.
Actually there are is an unofficial patch to support the RAID0 mode in 
ICH5-R. contains the patch, and I used it 
without problems for half a year in
an i865pe/ich5-r configuration with RAID0 disk setup. (That was an older 
version of the patch, though).

You will need another disk (a third one) to recompile the kernel after 
applying the patch, then boot it in the same
system as the raid array. After booting the new kernel you'll see the 
raid volume as /dev/ar0 (AFAIR).
The ad0/ad1 will still be visible. Then you'll need to setup the freebsd 
partition on ar0, disklabel it, mkfs
and copy freebsd installation from this 3rd disk to the ar0 raid array. 
Then you'll need to setup boot
loader (man boot0cfg, man boot).

It needs some tinkering before it works, but sure it is possible to.

Hope it helps.

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