FreeBSD 5.3 SMP freezes with MySQL 4.1

Vivek Khera vivek at
Tue Mar 29 01:30:49 PST 2005

On Mar 29, 2005, at 1:17 AM, 李毅刚 wrote:

> I have a dell pe2650 box with dual xeon 2.4G, disabled the HTT,
> installed 5.3-RELEASE, enabled SMP, mysql 4.1.10a built from
> the port.

I am observing similar problems with high load (not necessarily high 
number of connections) with 5.4-PRERELEASE from March 22 on a Tyan K8SR 
motherboard dual Opteron system running PostgreSQL 8.

I am not ready to rule out hardware problem, though, as I have had a 
fair number of ethernet port timout+reset reported by the kernel.  I 
shall try disabling SMP to see what happens.  It is times like these I 
wish there was an equivalent to the Dell diagnostics suite for other 
machines :-(  If only Dell would sell Opteron!

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