Time zone change confuses cron

Dan Nelson dnelson at allantgroup.com
Mon Mar 28 20:12:12 PST 2005

In the last episode (Mar 29), Ladislav Bodnar said:
> I've just changed the system time zone from local time to UTC by
> copying /usr/share/zoneinfo/Etc/UTC to /etc/localtime. To my dismay,
> I found that crontab (both /etc/crontab and user-level crontab)
> completely ignores the change and continues executing scripts
> according to the old time.

If you haven't rebooted yet, restart cron.  A process reads timezone
settings only once, during startup.  You're not supposed to pull the
rug out from under its feet by switching /etc/localtime :)

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at allantgroup.com

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