FreeBSD 5.4 prerelease 2 issues cvsup date 27 FEB

Chris chrcoluk at
Mon Mar 28 12:51:43 PST 2005

Hi I have noticed 2 issues the 2nd could be operator error from my side.

1 - When editing make.conf I enabled "NO_BIND_MTREE=         true",
but this breaks mergemaster and stops it running during mergemaster

2 - This issue I have no idea what the fault is yet since I have no
console access, but I was doing a upgrade from 5.3 RELEASE to 5.4
PRERELEASE - 27 feb RELENG_5, I had done mergemaster -p, built the
world, built and installed kernel, rebooted and it came back up, then
installed the world and ran mergemaster -iv, upon the next reboot ssh
is timing out there is also no ping replies.  I remember reading
UPDATING as well.

Will post back after I know what is up on console (need to wait for
tech to goto datacentre)

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