buggy ATA controller: I can install 4.11, but not 5.3 !?!

Rob spamrefuse at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 28 00:03:02 PST 2005

--- Mars Trading <marstrade at gmail.com> wrote:
> Rob,
> I think you may be on to something here.  Not that
> I'm an expert, BTW.
> If I remember correctly, 4.11 doesn't use
> device.hints; 
> device irq's and stuff were all included in the
> kernel configuration.
> This is no longer the case with 5.x which uses
> /boot/device.hints to tell where attached devices
> are.  But how does one edit device.hints on a
> boot cd?

I found a webpage:
which mentions a bit about syscontrols, that might
be relevant to my problem.

So I hope this can be solved with 5.3 by setting the
proper hints/syscontrols as loader settings before
the kernel is loaded. But I'm don't know whether
the 5.3 install process allows me doing this.

How can I modify the install process and which
hints/controls should I modify? I hope someone
here on the list has some good ideas :).

BTW: I'm not booting from CD, but from the three
floppies, followed by a network install; but that
shouldn't matter.


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