5.4Pre sched_ule SMP XOrg hangs or reboots

Derek VerLee bsd at noogenesis.org
Sun Mar 27 13:07:09 PST 2005

Hi, i have become fascinated with getting sched_ule to run reliably, and 
I've been running tests with about 8 different configurations.  I've 
listed some of them and the results at my website, at 
http://noogenesis/freebsd/testing_ule, the index html for which I've 
also attached to this email.  I have not yet succeeded in getting a core 
dump from the kernel, any advice on coaxing a kernel panic instead of a 
hang so that a core dump can be obtained, let me know.

The score is this, I get a hard hang (capslock/numlock do not respond, 
can't ping) when running XOrg, always after loading the program nicotine 
(ports/net/nicotine), which is a python/gtk2 program.  Sometimes, it has 
done a sudden reboot instead of a hang, and I haven't had much luck 
reproducing these results with any other program in X reliably.  Also, I 
have not had any hang at all when not running X.  As far as testing 
goes, ive generally recompiled the kernel with -j8 as a stress test, 
without XOrg, and have had no problems with any configuration.  So the 
bug on my system involving sched_ule seems to be brought out by 
something nicotine is doing within the first minute or so of loading 
up.  I do think that nicotine uses gdk threads, which use the posix 
threads, so the connection could be there...

I'm going to continue to search/test things as I think of them, but any 
advice as to what to check next would be helpful.

One thing that my results there don't list is the following:
 Never had a crash or hang with SMP disabled (even with sched_ule enabled).
Also never had a crash or hang with sched_4bsd and SMP enabled.

My system is a Tyan Tiger MP motherboard with dual athlon MPs.

Any other information that you might find helpful to know, let me know. 

Also: what other email lists should I post this too, if any?  Should I 
make this into a problem report?  sched_ule is already known to have 

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