file /usr/src/etc/rc.d/network is not installed

Martin Jakob mjct at
Sun Mar 27 10:56:54 PST 2005

Hi Max,

thanks for your answer.

> > my network reconfiguration demands. Yet, bravely copying it to /etc/rc.d
> > and executing it, does not work. It produces warnings like:
> > WARNING: $flushroutes is not set properly - see rc.conf(5). or
> > WARNING: $auto_ifconfig is not set properly - see rc.conf(5)
> > and the default route is not set.
> > (yeah, i read rc.conf as advised, but i still have no clue where to set
> > this variables).
> > So, maybe there is a cause this script is not installed?
> It seems that your /etc/defaults/rc.conf is outdated - as is your
> /etc/rc.d 
> collection.  You might want to try to update /etc with the help of 
> mergemaster(8).  Be sure to pass the -i flag to install missing files 
> in /etc/rc.d 

Yesterday i cvsuped (RELENG_5) and started a "make world". I also let run
"mergemaster -i", it updated some files and installed the new file
"rc.bsdextended". To rule out a someway mangled source tree i made a
clean checkout of "/usr/src" and build the world again, but
"/etc/rc.d/network" was not installed.

I looked in cvs again and found, that this script is not linked to the build
In Fri Aug 29 13:25:08 2003 there was also some cleaning up in this file
(rev 1.25), the scripts "network1" "network2" "network3" were removed.
I dont know if this actual "/etc/rc.d/network" script is an artifact of this
clean sweep, but the latest changes to this file were made after August
so i dont think so.

As for the "/etc/defaults/rc.conf" file, i have Revision which is
latest version tagged as RELENG_5. Also using Revision 1.243 the script
with theses warnings, and i dont have a idea where to set these variables.

Is actually someone using the script "/etc/rc.d/network"?



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