Distinct base and ports update ?

Constant, Benjamin bconstant at be.tiauto.com
Thu Mar 24 00:21:36 PST 2005

> On March 22, 2005 11:50 pm, Constant, Benjamin wrote:
> > I think this may work if I use two cvsup files (one for the src-all 
> > and the other one for the ports) using a different date inside.
> You should always use separate supfiles for the source and 
> ports trees.  
> Why?  Because the ports tree changes on a daily basis, and 
> the source tree may only change every couple of months 
> (depending on the branch you are tracking).  Why compare 
> every single file in the source tree on your system and the 
> cvsup server when all you want to do is get the latest ports tree??

I agree with you.

> Keep them separate.  Keep the tags separate.  And only update 
> the source tree when you need to.

This is what I want to do but I must be sure that if I update my mirror, I
can use the same base across multiple updates.
That's why the date parameter sounds interesting to me.

> And, if all your systems are on a LAN, then why not NFS mount 
> the /usr/src and /usr/ports directories off a central system? 
>  That way, you only have to update one system, and you're 
> guaranteed that all the servers have the same source and 
> ports trees.  Just set the work directory prefix (it's listed 
> in the ports(7) man page) so that the compilation work 
> directories are local, and you're set.

Unfortunately I can't but the idea is good :-)
> Alternatively, just have 1 build system that makes packages, 
> and copy those packages out to the other servers, and do the 
> installs/upgrades with packages.

This is also a good way of working as it help you to remove (for example)
compiler stuff from your system.
Keeping your installation as minimal as possible is always a good choice.

Thank your for these tips.


Benjamin Constant.

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