UPDATE3: ATA mkIII official patches - please test!

Søren Schmidt sos at DeepCore.dk
Tue Mar 22 03:29:49 PST 2005

New version available for testing:

This time the diff must be reapplied as there are new changes in there.

Items in this release:

o	Dumping to disk fixed.

o	PCCARD probing fixed.

o	PC98 probing and modules fixed.

o	Support for "atomic" composite ATA requests

o	Support for "addspare" to an ATA PseudoRAID array

o	Support for "rebuild" of an ATA PseudoRAID array.
	Note that this is now done differently from the old system as
	the rebuild is now done piggybacked on read requests to the
	array, so atacontrol simply starts a background "dd" to rebuild
	the array.

If I dont get any significant showstopper reports this is what will get 
committed to -current soon (plus what I might get done until then of new 

This WARNING still applies:

> One warning applies to both this and the last snapshot. I accidentially
> released the RAID5 test code I had in there which allows to apparently 
> use a RAID5 array. However it *ONLY* reads and writes the data part, it 
> does *NOT* maintain the parity part. That means it will trash a RAID5 
> array for later real use as the parity wont match the data one there.
> Since the code is "out there" I've decided to let it stay, as it allows 
> for testing of getting and using the metadata etc..

I'll probably just disable that code when it goes into -current but for 
now its in there for testing purposes.

As usual use at your own risk, but feedback on this is very welcomed.
Big thanks to all those that has participated so far!




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