malloc() debugging flags broken on RELENG_5

Bartosz Fabianowski freebsd at
Mon Mar 21 10:25:48 PST 2005

> You're not running as root, are you?  The A flag is always set for
> root or setuid processes as a security measure.

No, I am running as a normal user.

> There hasn't been any changes to the malloc code in 5.x since 5.3.

I realize there shouldn't have been any changes and I also cannot find everything in the CVS logs. But when I run Kopete, I get the following:

kopete in free(): error: modified (chunk-) pointer
According to the man page, this word should read "warning" instead of "error" and the application should not be aborted.

> File a bugreport; a program must pass the same pointer to free() that
>  it received from malloc().

Obviously, there is a bug in Kopete. But it runs for other people with earlier versions of RELENG_5. I am currently downgrading to 1st March to see whether that fixes the issue for me.

- Bartosz

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