cpufreq related RELENG_5 regression?

Christian Brueffer chris at unixpages.org
Sat Mar 19 17:53:48 PST 2005


I have the following situation here:

Box A serves as gateway for my local network and also exports some
filesystems via NFS.  The shares are mounted on box B.  Playing a movie
from one of the NFS shares on box B works fine.
When I try to transfer a file from outside the LAN to box C, which
resides inside the LAN, the movie on box B starts to stagger.

Box A runs RELENG_5, using a kernel from just before the cpufreq merge
works ok (movie doesn't stagger), a kernel from shortly after the merge
does not work (movie staggers).
Setting "performance_cpu_freq="HIGH"" in rc.conf fixes this, so there
seems to have been a change in the defaults.

Box A is an i386 SMP machine.

Kernel config + dmesg:


Can anyone confirm this?

BTW, there is code in sys/kern/kern_cpu.c to export the current processor
speed via sysctl, but the sysctl doesn't show up here.

- Christian

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